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Calder Writes a Fan Letter to Chris Colfer

Calder loves to read, but he struggles with being able to physically flip the pages. That's where Audible comes in. It's also where my learning to drive comes in, because when my mom and dad are worn out from hour after hour of driving and listening to books, it's my turn. And it's awesome to get to spend time with Calder while he enjoys his favorite activity. Calder's absolute favorite books for both the story and narration are from the Land of Stories series by Chris Colfer. So he wrote a fan letter. (side note "bc" is Calder's shortcut for "because") and my mom corrected his lack of capitalization. But the words, thoughts, and deep emotions are all Calder's.

Dear Chris Colfer, My name is Calder and I am non verbal autistic. I’m really good at typing, though. I loved the Land of Stories bc your characters were so funny and sweet. My favorite fairytale character is Mother Goose bc she is funny and brave too. We think Red is hilarious bc she is so vain but loyal to her friends. I think Conner is my favorite bc he fights for the safety of everyone and is so good to people. Awesome Conner saved his sister with his stories and easy to love Alex felt better bc her dad gave her the wise words to be herself. I think you really understand how easy to love people need to be told they are easy to love bc they feel sad and frustrated a lot that they can’t see the good in themselves. Sometimes I can’t see the good in me bc my autism makes it so hard for people to understand that I am smart and kind and want to be their friend. I feel sad when people stare at me like I’m weird and stupid when I’m smart and funny. Please try to write more stories bc you sweet give readers sweet dear dear great happiness and teach us to be brave and funny. We think people will sweet be happy to read more of your books bc they sweet teach us how to see the fun magic in the world. Your books truly ignited my imagination and filled me with hope that I can be a hero too even if I’m autistic and every day I have to fight the truly hard autism. Your friend,



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