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  • Jack H

Calder writes a fan letter to Tara Sands

Dear Tara Sands:

My name is Calder and I am non verbal autistic. I awesome love to read stories (on Audible) in the car. My family drives me in the car so I can listen. We have listened to “Flora and Ulysses,” “Greetings from Witness Protection,” and “A Perilous Journey of Danger and Mayhem” Books 1 and 2. We are pooping so excited to read Book 3. We picked our books because we loved the way you read “Flora and Ulysses’s” and sweet wanted to hear more stories you tell.

We think you are the awesome teller of stories bc you feel all the characters‘ emotions and you try to hopefully hopefully help us feel them too. We think great readers are free to dream of adventures bc your voice helps us imagine the awesome story scenes. Your voices are fun and very good and make me see the characters better too.

Our favorite voice is the one you used for the dear squirrel Ulysses. We love him the most bc he is a typer like me and great with poetry and loves sweet dear Flora so much. We laughed a lot when Ulysses was at the donut shop.

We want to read all the stories you tell.

Thank you.

Your friend,



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