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  • Jack H

"We Are Easy To Love."

Autism is hard, but loving is easy. Calder reminds us every day to respect, appreciate, understand, and love.

Love is the key to Calderisms.

I'm not going to lie. There are times when life with Calder can be difficult. He'll smash bowls, knock over cups, scatter chips, scream for no apparent reason - you get the point. It can be infuriating to live with someone like that. And sure he often is extremely annoying but isn't everyone's brother? Maybe not to the same extent as Calder, but you get the point. Life with him is hard, but there are good things too. Things that make Calder "easy to love".

For example, when you have a bad day, more often than not the only person to comfort you will be Calder. Everyone is usually too busy to notice or just not paying attention, but Calder's observant and he'll show he cares. He might give you a hug, a kiss, or just smile and try to cheer you up. This is one of the things that makes me love him. He cares about you. He might not be able to say it, but can he show it and he does.

Calder is also very funny and he will type some hilarious statements, that are just a joy to read (I'm not going to put any here to save some surprises for the blog). He'll type nonsensical fragments without any grammar whatsoever that somehow make perfect sense. He'll write a sentence insulting everyone and everything when he doesn't get the snack he wanted. Let's say you said something, you didn't want someone to hear. If Calder heard it, he'll type it out and if you said something mean to him earlier, or just didn't give him enough chips, he'll over-embellish and make you seem like the next Alex Jones.


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