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"We think that we are truly free when we write about total because we are funny."

Updated: Sep 13

Our dog Total.


Calder's love of stories extends beyond just reading and listening. He also loves writing – or rather typing – them. The other day he told our Mom that typing with her was too serious. That's because she's always trying to check in on how he is feeling or what he needs or trying to homeschool him. When Calder said this, I realized how hard it is for Calder that he doesn't get to enjoy spontaneous and light-hearted conversation, which is something verbal people take for granted. I can joke around, tease, and be silly when I talk. Calder doesn't have that opportunity. I think that's why Calder is starting to write stories -- he gets to show his sense of humor and he gets to be fun and have fun.

This post will focus on an ongoing story about our dog, Total, typed by Calder that uses his own independent writing as well as answers to questions and prompts presented to him by our dad. These prompts are less for Calder and more for our dad, who wants to learn how to type with him. All the prompts are enclosed in brackets. Also, it is worth noting that "your" in Calder's stories is referring to our dad. And like all Calderisms, Calder uses "we" in place of "I" as it is easier for him to type.

"One day Total drove to the grocery store. And bought a pack of sigarettes (cigarettes). He went with his friends Bob, Greg, and Steve. (Bob, Greg, and, Steve are Total's friends according to Calder.) Total smokes cigarettes in your car. Greg and Steve also smoke cigarettes in your car. Bob is a good driver, but Total is better. Bob and Greg are big dogs. Bob is yellow.

[Is Total still driving my car?] Yes. Total goes to the snow. He goes with Bob and Greg. In the snow, they sled at night. We do not go with them, but we want to. Total still smokes cigarettes in your car. [Where else do they go] They go to the kitchen and eat dog food.

[Can you tell me more about Total?] Yes, Total went to the park and the doggy store. Total got toys and treats. He also got cigarettes and gum. Total took your car out 5 times last week. [Was Jack with him?] Yes. Jack does not smoke cigarettes with Total. Jack does not know Greg and Steve. They bought doggie ice cream and doggie gum. [Is this true?] Yes and No. [Does Total drive a car other than mine and Mom’s] Yes. Total drives a Jeep. It is big. It is also blue and yellow.

To be continued...

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