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My name is Jack and this blog is dedicated to my little brother Calder. Calder is non-verbal autistic so he cannot communicate with people in a standard conversation. Even though he doesn’t have speech, Calder can express himself in many different ways, mainly by typing on his i-Pad. Calder also refers to himself with we instead of I. He’s shown me that he’s funny, stubborn, and wise. And he wants to be heard.

Through this blog, Calder and I get to connect, exchange ideas, and share insight into the world of autism. The autism spectrum is broad  and varied. I’ve branded my brother’s quotes as Calderisms. He has a lot of funny phrases. Calder wants everyone to know “we are easy to love,” and that "we need to respect his freedom to snack." He really likes cookies. Welcome!


A great general resource for everything from the first 100 days of Autism to expert advice and referrals.

Autism mom and licensed therapist, Janeen Herskovitz, brings insight, humor, and strategies to supporting the autisic community and their families.

A community farm for Autistic men and women  in Jacksonville, FL.

An organization that raises money to provide iPads for autistics in schools.

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